Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So I'm pretty terrible at this whole blogging thing. But I will keep trying. Life just gets busy sometimes and days go by without much fanfare. I could only tell you of little bits and pieces of the last few weeks that I even remember. It kind of makes me sad. I have a lot of thoughts in my head but somehow none of it seems important so it gets left behind and the days keep going by. Wow. So depressing. So lets move on and be constructive in this life. I am deeply saddened by all the pain and suffering that seems to be going on around me lately. Money woes, divorce, wandering people with no purpose, selfishness causing hurt. My own selfishness has made me apathetic to all of this and I want to stop it and love and care for these people who are hurting in the way that God made me to care for them. This is my goal. to reach outside of myself and see what other people are doing and how I can listen, or hang out, or care for and stop being so selfish. I also want to create for the purpose of healing my soul. I want to experience the joy of creating things and working out some of the ideas in my head that have plagued me for years. I think i could stay pretty busy with these things and hopefully my family and the people around me would be blessed and God would be glorified.

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Anonymous said...

"terrible at this whole blogging thing."
i don't know about that whats there is good stuff

"But I will keep trying."

yes, please... :)